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East Texas Title Companies

With East Texas Title Companies, Celia Flowers has managed to make a big impact in a small market – and while larger underwriters have come and gone over the years, her company has withstood the test of time.

She attributes much of her longevity and success to the help that Alliant National Title Insurance has provided her over the years. “I first got involved with Alliant National because of the people who were with them,” says Celia, “and I’ve stayed because of their philosophy around how they treat their agents and the resources that they give you.”

Among those resources are Alliant National’s agent conferences, which Celia regularly attends. In fact, she doesn’t think that she has ever missed a single one. She enjoys these events for the wealth of information that they provide, and because she doesn’t feel that they are wasting her time. As a busy small business owner and someone who makes a point to stay up-to-date with current events and changes within her industry, Celia isn’t looking to hear the same old speech given over and over again – and she feels that Alliant National’s conferences are different. They offer real, cutting-edge insight and education, and “they do a really good job of bringing industry people together to share ideas, talk and help each other out,” she says.

Celia regularly communicates with the Alliant National team, sending questions about everything from marketing to IT issues. When it comes to communication and responsiveness, she says that the company has “hit a home run.”

“They’re innovative,” Celia goes on to say, “and they help you to bring innovation to your own workplace as well. And as far as integrity goes, well, the folks at Alliant National are just some of the very best people. It’s amazing, really – I’ve known some of their core people for many, many years, and I can say that they are really doing what they say their vision is.”

As someone who works in a small market, Celia understands the value of a solid reputation, and she maintains strong ties within the 16 counties that her company now serves. What sets East Texas Title apart, Celia says, is its effort to stay on the forefront of what’s going on in the industry. The company is not reactionary, and not afraid to take a “bull by the horns” approach when it comes to getting lenders and realtors through any major changes or tough times. It’s able to anticipate issues as they arise in Washington, D.C., and make every effort to be as educated as possible, so the company can be well prepared for when those issues affect its business in east Texas.

Recently, East Texas has been focused on getting its best practices certification. Celia appreciates Alliant National’s Quality Assurance Review for its thoroughness, and for the fact that it mirrors her own attention to detail. “Alliant National was looking at quality assurance and quality control before anyone else, and they help me to meet standards that I need to meet in this marketplace.”

Now a shareholder with Alliant National, Celia says that the company is unique in its idea of supporting independent agents, instead of competing against them. “It sets the stage for a lot of trust, and a free exchange of ideas,” she says. “It’s refreshing to have a partner who, when something new comes up, will dig right in and help you through it. Alliant National’s internal auditors are fabulous. I’ve been in this business for quite some time; I’m board certified in three different areas – I could do this myself, but I don’t have to because I have a partner. And as far as I know, Alliant National is the only underwriter who offers this kind of partnership.”