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 Our Purpose ~ Our Mission
Our Core Values ~ Our Guiding Principles


  • Honesty | We are committed to the truth in all of our relationships and in all of our endeavors.
  • Helpfulness | We share our knowledge, experience and resources in a spirit of service to others.
  • Competence | We pursue mastery through lifelong learning.
  • Caring | We have an outward mindset with a genuine regard for others as people.
  • Unconditional Responsibility | We are accountable in all of our actions.
  • Quality | We deliver accuracy, completeness and timeliness in all of our activities.


  • The Golden Rule | We treat our partners with respect, honesty and courtesy.
  • Single Focus on Independent Agents | We don’t compete with our agents. All of our people and resources are wholly committed to the success of our agents.
  • Mutual Success | We seek to provide opportunities for our agents, staff, and vendors to thrive.
  • Continuous Improvement | We exercise a disciplined approach to refine and enhance the value of our products, services, and processes.
  • Team Learning | We collaborate, leveraging each other’s talents, to achieve the best result for the company and our stakeholders.