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Title Insurance. You have a choice.

Title insurance is usually required by your mortgage lender because it provides them with the security of knowing their loan is insured against title problems, which lowers their risk, and in turn, lowers your costs of securing a loan. It’s a win-win! But did you know you that you can choose which title insurance company you use to help protect your legal right to your property? Often times, your real estate agent will recommend a title agent , and an informed buyer will take the time to research and choose a company they feel most comfortable with.

Choose Alliant National.

When you choose Alliant National, your investment is backed by our strong financial ratings, years of industry experience and the expertise and excellence of a local independent title insurance agent who works, lives, and more importantly - understands the intricate details of real estate in your community. This local knowledge can be invaluable to you and is something you might not get with other title insurance companies.
How do you start?
Choose an Alliant National independent title insurance agent in your state from our agent list. Your realtor will likely be familiar with our agent’s excellent work. Then tell your realtor that you’d like to use this agent and Alliant National to provide your title insurance. It’s as simple as that. And that simple decision will result in a transaction that is timely, accurate and backed by experience, know-how and financial strength. Also, included in the benefits of your single, one-time premium and for as long as you own your property, is the assurance that Alliant National will defend you or your lender in court should a problem with your title ever occur. That’s true value when it comes to protecting one of your greatest investments – your home.

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