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Extraordinary Support

Partnership Program

Currently Independent Agents have little choice but to do business with underwriters who compete with them for customers and employees.

Alliant National is a unique, safe haven for Independents across the nation who wish to partner and network to grow their businesses and profits.
The Benefits of Partnership

The Alliant National Strategic Advantage Program

The Alliant National Strategic Advantage Program is for special clients who wish to perform at the top of their game, produce competitive advantage and superior value. Whatever your level of particiaption in the program, it is designed to help you lower your risks, lower your cost and expand your revenue.

A Real Say – Alliant National's Agents have direct input into almost all aspects of our business and are consulted regularly.

Customer Relations

Our most senior people are available to accompany our Agents on calls to prospective clients in their local markets.

Regulatory Alerts

We work to ensure that our Agents are prepared for changes affecting their business and upcoming market shifts that sometimes result in opportunities.

Continuing Education

Aside from our annual conference, training programs can be customized for the needs of individual Agents to reduce potential losses, provide better customer service, and improve industry knowledge.

Expert Legal Counsel

Just a phone call away, you'll find answers to your underwriting inquiries, general legal advice, information on claim handling and other guidance from counsel who are experienced in the specific issues of Independent Agents.

Networked Services at Reduced Rates

Group health insurance* and additional benefits and savings opportunities are available for our Agent-Partners.

Call 303-682-9800 today for more information about how your company can benefit from a partnership with Alliant National.