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Beware Of Giants

Long Live The Local, Independent Agent

We believe local Independent Agents are the backbone of the industry. You and your peers write two-thirds of all premiums written nationwide each year. Because we do not compete with you, our single focus is to help you improve and expand your business. Our co-branded marketing materials help you explain the critical importance of Independent Agents. Here’s a sampling.

Why do property owners and lenders want to use Independent Agents? Because:

The most critical real estate knowledge is always local.

You, as an Independent Agent, understand the history and intricate nuances of real estate in your community.

You are the only independent party in a real estate transaction.

As Independent Agents, you and your escrow officers are the only people charged with protecting all parties in the transaction and assure an accurate, speedy and timely closing.
Independent Agents are locally owned businesses in your community.

• You’re totally invested in your community.
• Your Staff is made up of talented professionals who help your county
   maintain its records system.
• Your Agency provides jobs to your neighbors.
• You invest and pay real-estate taxes where you live.
• You and your staff volunteer in schools, belong to your community
   organizations, coach youth sports, and have a real, viable lifelong
   interest in the success of your community.

Independent, local agents are around to serve you.
• Local Agents will be there to service any need on a claim – you help
  your neighbors as long as they own their property!
  You don’t leave town when times get tough!