Our favorite free digital real estate marketing tools: Piktochart

Everyone’s heard the adage that a picture is worth a thousand words, but unfortunately not everyone is blessed with the artistic ability to create an eye-catching graphic.

While you could hire a graphic designer to overcome any artistic shortcomings of your own, as a small business owner this may not be a financially feasible option for you.

We love infographics around here, and we wanted to start incorporating more of them into our blogging routine. But we were faced with the challenge of limited graphic design resources, which led us to investigate online tools for creating infographics.

That’s how we found Piktochart. It’s free to create a Piktochart account, and a free account grants you access to a number of templates, icons, shapes and basically anything you would need to create your own compelling infographics.

Once you choose a Piktochart template to start, it’s easy to drag and drop elements into your design. The interface is intuitive, and formatting works similar to a MS Word document – including an CTRL + Z function to undo your mistakes.

You can also upload your own images into the Piktochart platform to give your infographics a more personal touch.

Once you’ve finished your Piktochart infographic, don’t limit yourself by sharing it just once. Think of how you can share your new content on all your digital marketing platforms.

Social Media

For sites like Linkedin and Facebook, it’s probably best to limit your shares to just one each. But with Twitter, you might consider pulling several take-aways from your infographic and tweeting them out along with your image at various times throughout the day and week.

If you have followings on Instagram or Pinterest, where content works best when it’s square in design, you might look for ways to crop your infographic into a series of square posts for greater impact.


You should be maintaining an email database of current and prospective clients, and if you’re not, check out our article on how to harness the power of your email database.


Use your infographic to illustrate multiple blog posts around your topic. Just be sure to space out your posts so you don’t saturate your blog’s home page with the same image.

Do you know about a super cool digital marketing resource and want to share? Let us know in the comments section!

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Nikki Smith

Nikki Smith

Alliant National's director of digital marketing + social media

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