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Claims Stories: Be Skeptical of a Recently Recorded Quit Claim Deed

In our continued effort to keep our agents and escrow officers apprised of trends in the Title industry, our claims counsels and administrators have provided the following claim summaries.

It’s our goal to share these stories and help you avoid similar scenarios in the future. In this installment, we will focus on Quit Claim Deeds. Here’s how it played out:

What Makes Your Title Company Unique: Why You Should Care About Differentiation

When you speak or write about your title company do you bring up what is different and better and trigger immediate interest? Do you elaborate on what is new, unusual and of great value to your customers? Or do you speak and write about what is ordinary and common and trigger immediate indifference to your value? There are fundamental principles of economics at work here. The simplified explanation is that people assess value at the margins or edges of common offers. It’s called the Principle of Marginal Utility and Marginal Value. For example, when you see an ad for a new smartphone does the ad inform you that you can store telephone numbers and text and email people from it? Or does it focus on things that make the smartphone an extraordinary camera, with face ID, and with uncommon face recognition that allows you to mirror your expressions in 12 Animojis so you can reveal your inner panda, pig or robot? Whenever we as human beings are introduced to something NEW we are hardwired to make an assessment of its value. That’s what you want to do with your sales conversations and the content on your website and social media – provide compelling explanations about the extraordinary value of what you offer that your competitors do not offer. So are you speaking and writing about your differentiatiors and separating yourself from your competition or are you speaking and writing about what is common and ordinary and triggering people into an assessment that your company is ordinary and should be “priced” (low) to differentiate itself? When you are common you are priced. Margins are low. So you have to focus on VOLUME. When you are different and your customers value that difference, margins are higher. You can focus on VALUE instead of volume and think of ways to increase your customers’ willingness to pay a premium by inventing new ways to enhance the customer’s experience. ]]>

Is your Linkedin page open for business, and why does it matter?

You do a good job of promoting your business, right? You have a website, place ads in publications that your target market is likely to read and you support your community through key sponsorships.

You have a strong cadre of clients, influencers and prospects because you’re a great networker. So, why do you need to create and maintain a professional profile on LinkedIn?

Is this social networking thing ever going to go away?

It’s not going away, and LinkedIn is a fabulous tool for your business networking. If you utilize only one online network for your business, make it LinkedIn.

But, why?

LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world, that’s why. Your network is using it, your competitors are using it, your prospective employees are using it, your local media is using it, and you better be using it, lest you fall behind.

Here are the key steps to creating your LinkedIn presence:

  • Create a strong profile. Tap into your marketing team’s writing skills to create a professional summary of your skills and description of your business. This is an opportunity to promote your business and establish yourself as a thought leader within your business. Use your resume to list your job history, education and highlight industry and community organizations in which you participate. Be prudent in listing any organizations that are personal.
  • Establish a presence. Once you’ve created a strong profile, begin building connections. Here’s a shortlist of people you need to invite to connect with you: coworkers, former coworkers, everyone in your network, former college friends (again, with prudence). Also, you’ll receive lots of invitations to connect with other professionals. Be sure to connect with them. Avoid “spammy” looking connection requests. They are not in your best interest.
  • Build and maintain relationships.
  • Scroll your LinkedIn news feed to stay abreast of your connections’ news. They’ll post when they change jobs, when they receive awards, have articles published, etc. Congratulate them. And, be sure to post your own news. This is an opportunity to grow relationships … relationships that may someday lead to new business.
  • Help others learn about you and your company. LinkedIn is a terrific recruiting and marketing tool. Encourage your teams to use it.

One additional note: educate yourself on the various security features of your LinkedIn account to mitigate unwanted email, connection requests and various other barriers to your privacy.

And, just like that, you’re a LinkedIn user.


Presidio Investors Partnership Will Help Us Provide More Solutions, Add More Value

Alliant National Title Insurance Company Announces Presidio Investors Partnership

Underwriter will continue its “Agents First” experience, retain personnel and leadership

LONGMONT, Colo. – The nation’s largest title insurance underwriter with no direct or affiliate operations today announced a plan for the company’s next stage of growth and a partnership with Presidio Investors, a private equity firm specializing in mid-market companies. Leadership and personnel at Alliant National will remain the same. The company will continue to deliver on its well-known “Agents First” service experience, which is what propelled Alliant National to become a Top 10 title insurance underwriter in only 12 years, according to financial stability rating firm Demotech. “Alliant National believes in the essential role independent agents play in protecting the property rights of our mutual customers,” said Robert Grubb, Alliant National CEO and president. “With the help of our trusted agents and our amazing team, we’ve built a thriving company aligned with the finest independent title insurance agents in the country.


Cathie Beck Capital City Public Relations e : cathie@capitalcitypr.com p : 303-241-0805
“We are excited to have a new partner whose culture is closely aligned with ours, one that can accelerate the plans we have determined are critical to strengthening and expanding our network of independent agents,” Grubb said. “This is an exciting opportunity for Alliant National and our agents,” said Kyle Rank, Alliant National executive vice president of agency. “The trust our agents have placed in us has allowed us to grow to this degree, and we now have a chance to deliver something really meaningful back to them. We’ll be able to provide more solutions, add more value – and provide additional resources that can help our agents excel in their businesses.” Alliant National is an industry pioneer that distinguishes itself from competitors by putting the interests of independent agents first. Bolstered by a unique alignment of interests with its agents, financial stability, strong underwriting capability and independent agents’ in-depth knowledge of local markets, the company has established a nationwide network with deep roots in local communities and a wealth of expertise that is flexible, personalized and continuously growing. “We are excited to partner with Bob and his team to help Alliant National during its next phase of development,” said Chris Puscasiu, managing partner of Presidio. “Throughout the entire process, we have been impressed by the company’s entrepreneurial culture and drive. We believe that Presidio’s experience and access to additional capital will help Alliant National accelerate its growth and continue to improve its already strong service offerings to its independent agent partners.” Presidio’s investment is pending approval from regulators and Alliant National’s current ownership group. Waller Helms Advisors served as the exclusive financial advisor, and Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck served as legal counsel to Alliant National in the transaction. Visit joinalliantnational.com/presidio for additional information.

About Presidio Investors

Presidio Investors was founded in 2007 with the goal of bringing large buyout expertise to entrepreneurially-led companies. Presidio invests in talented management teams to provide resources, including operational support and capital, for these entrepreneurs to succeed.

About Alliant National

Alliant National is an industry pioneer that distinguishes itself from competitors by putting the interests of Independent Agents first. Bolstered by financial stability, strong underwriting capability and Independent Agents’ in-depth knowledge of local markets, the company has established a nationwide network with deep roots in local communities and a wealth of expertise that is flexible, nuanced and continuously growing. Alliant National’s CEO, Bob Grubb, can be reached at 303.682.9800 x300 or bgrubb@alliantnational.com. Visit joinalliantnational.com for additional information.

About Alliant National Title Insurance Company

The Independent Underwriter for The Independent Agent® Alliant National believes in putting other people first. The company partners with 400+ trusted independent title agents as a licensed underwriter in 22 states, with annual revenues exceeding $120 million, and protects the dreams of property owners with secure title insurance.

### ]]>

Kerr County Abstract & Title Co. Donates $1000 to Hill Country Veteran Center

Kerr County Abstract & Title Company (Kerr County Abstract) was recently awarded $1000 from Alliant National Title Insurance Company to donate to charity. Kerr County Abstract chose to give back to their community by donating the $1000 to Hill Country Veteran Center.

“Kerr County has a large population of veterans and spouses of veterans,” said Bekah Dunks, escrow assistant for Kerr County Abstract. “They are near and dear to our hearts, and we wanted to give back to them.” The $1000 award came about through a marketing workshop that Alliant National conducted in Dallas in the Fall of 2017. Bekah Dunks and Caroline Wilson from Kerr County Abstract attended the workshop. All attendees learned about the “Four R’s for Success.” Nikki to add a description here. Each of the 80 title companies in attendance were challenged to try at least one of the four R’s. Kerr County Abstract accepted the challenge and implemented the following:
  • Retain Customers – Kerr County Abstract showed appreciation for their existing customers by sending 50 handwritten thank you cards to them.
  • Revamping – Kerr County Abstract reviewed their existing marketing strategy and revamped it based on marketing tactics learned in Alliant National’s workshop.
  • Kerr County Abstract & Title Company is the original title company in Kerrville, Texas, having opened in 1924. Since 2001, the company has been owned by Bob and Diane Green. Diane has long been a familiar face at Kerr County Abstract and began her career as the company’s receptionist. ]]>
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