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Submitting a Potential Claim

Alliant National has revised its form and procedure for submitting a potential claim. This process will help our Insureds (your customers) by allowing us to handle claims more efficiently.Policy Number and date of policy;

Below is a link to download our revised Notice of Claim or Matter. The information requested in this new form will help us identify who we should be communicating with, and requests information that will help Claims get its investigation started. You can help us by following the process below to submit a claim or matter.

What to do if an Insured notifies you of a claim:

  • If your Agency is notified of a possible claim, or if you receive a request for an indemnity with cure, please have the Insured complete the attached Notice and send it to
  • Download The Notice of Claim or Matter form here.
  • If you are submitting the claim on behalf of the Insured, please submit the claim by email to and be sure to include the Notice of Claim or Matter, and the information requested in the Notice.
  • If you are sending the Insured’s email notifying you of the claim or matter, please do not forward their email. Instead, please send the Insured’s email as an attachment. This will help the inadvertent distribution of comments that may be included in your email to Claims.

Note - Information requested in the new claims submission form:

  • Insured’s contact information, as well as the contact information for the person submitting the claim on the Insured’s behalf;
  • A copy of the Policy, or if a final policy has not been issued, a copy of the commitment and signed settlement statement and signed closing disclosures;
  • A copy of the documents evidencing the alleged title defect, and a brief description of the title issue.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Claims Team at 877-788-9800, ext. 425.
Thank you for help!
  Notice of Claim or Matter