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Delivering Email Campaigns that Receive Attention…and Get Opened

You want to tell the world your story. Well, actually, you just want to tell that story to your clients, prospective clients and influencers.

You’ve created what you believe to be a well written email message that will inform, excite and motivate readers to do whatever you’ve requested in your message’s “call to action.”

You send the email and excitedly wait for responses. The responses don’t come. Instead, you learn that people are deleting your message without even opening it. What happened?

Here’s how to craft emails that get attention.

Create Good Email Subject Lines.

The subject line is how people decide if they’ll open your email or not. If your subject line doesn’t grab their attention quickly, they will delete the entire message without even reading it.

The subject line must be relevant to the message in the email. Otherwise, readers will flag your message as spam (and rightly so) and you’ll lose credibility with your audience. Here are some great tips on writing email subject lines.

Create Curiosity.

The subject line or the first line of the email should create curiosity to make readers want to read on for the details.

For example, if you’re writing about new title insurance guidelines that clients need to know about, try asking the question, “Why should you care about these new title insurance guidelines?”

Get creative and come up with relevant questions to generate interest.

Don’t Overload Their Inbox.

Be mindful of the number of messages you send to your contacts. If you’re sending a must-read, breaking-news email every day (or worse yet, multiple times a day), you lose credibility and people start deleting your emails without even opening them.

If you have a lot of information to share with your contacts, consider a weekly e-newsletter that’s well-organized for a quick-read by your audience.

Be sure to add teasers in the subject line that follow the tips referenced above.


Nothing loses credibility faster than a poorly edited message. Consider this article on embarrassing spelling and grammar mistakes in communications pieces.

Now, hopefully your email typos will not generate the publicity of these communications, but as a general rule, your goal is no typos.

If your message contains poor grammar, typos, mis-spellings, bad formatting and other mistakes, people will delete it and question your ability as a professional business leader. Proofread your messages!

One additional note: Remember Alliant National is a great resource to advise and educate independent agents on how to write emails that get attention.

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Jennifer Shermer

Capital City Public Relations Senior Writer + Publicist Jennifer Shermer creates and manages marketing programs for businesses to raise their brand awareness.

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