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Garner Local Media Attention for Your Business: Part Two

This is Part II on how you can get local media attention for the things you likely already do on a daily basis for your business. Getting positive media attention is easier than you may think.

By understanding the basics of creating a press release, knowing your local reporters and being aware of all activities taking place at your agency, you can create positive media attention for your business.

How many sports teams has your agency sponsored in the past year? Have you conducted any pancake breakfasts to support a community cause? Did you make any charitable donations? Did your employees take paid time off of work to volunteer in the community? Did any employees run a marathon or celebrate milestone anniversaries? Did any employees retire? Did you hire anyone?

Here’s how to turn these everyday occurrences into news that your community reporters will want to know and report.

Keep track of activities. Designate a detail-oriented person in your office to keep a spreadsheet of all sponsorships, donations, employee hirings/retirements, milestone anniversaries, etc.

This person should also be aware of noteworthy employee hobbies and events. For example, marathon runners, quilters who create and donate works of art, blood donors who’ve celebrated milestone donation anniversaries, etc.

Utilize press release templates. As noted in our previous blog post, create a general press release template to make it efficient and easy for crafting an announcement about your company. To make the process even more efficient, you should create multiple templates, such as a “new hire” announcement, a “charity support” announcement, etc.

To learn how to create a general press release template, check online resources and/or ask your marketing team at Alliant National.

Keep track of your local reporters. Get to know the editors and reporters of your local news media team. Community newspapers love to report on good news items in the community, including how local businesses are supporting the local community. In addition to sending press releases to the media, consider inviting them to events, such as pancake breakfasts and retirement parties, in which your agency participates.

One additional note: Remember Alliant National is a great resource to agents in helping them with branding, communications and all things marketing.

We’re here to help our agents grow. To schedule a digital marketing consultation, please email us.

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Jennifer Shermer

Capital City Public Relations Senior Writer + Publicist Jennifer Shermer creates and manages marketing programs for businesses to raise their brand awareness.

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