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Original or curated content: Which creates greater impact?

There’s a lot of discussion in social media strategy worlds about how important it is for business owners to produce “original content.”

In public relations and marketing circles, original content still creates more impact than curated content, which comes from reposting others’ posts or sharing links to relevant news articles.

What type of content is more likely to make an impact for your business?

Original content that is helpful, informative or entertaining to your potential audience – be them business associates, prospective customers and even potential talent – allows people to connect and become familiar you.

They get to know your brand, culture and agency’s personality. Honest and authentic original content can help establish your business as a thought leader in your market and go a long way toward building trust.

Curated content, on the other hand, is usually content shared from another source. For example, you might post a Wall Street Journal article link on your agency’s LinkedIn page, if it discusses anything about title insurance, real estate or mortgage lending.

It’s fine to share curated content some of the time, and some shares do provide real value for your audience. Always consider if your post will improve their lives or businesses in a meaningful way.

To crank more mileage from curated content, we suggest sharing your perspective by including a couple of your own sentences, or asking a question of your audience. This helps to engage your audience more with the shared article and can lead to a conversation on your post.

Original content tends to perform better than curated content because it connects the audience with your story.

When it’s inspired by your agency and the people who work there, original content gives the world a window into how your agency is different, what it does better, who works at your agency and the culture of your company.

Perhaps someone in your agency won an award, or a new hire was brought on board. Maybe your team participated in a project with Habitat for Humanity or sat down together for a holiday meal.

Understanding the differences in content and content quality leads naturally to a discussion of an agency’s overall social media strategy.

Yes, you need a strategy; however, a social media campaign strategy need not be mind-bending. Keep it simple: Choose a platform and post regularly, even just once a week. The key to any successful social media presence is consistency. Setting up social media platforms but then never posting gives the appearance of stagnation – never a desired perception.

We will touch on all of these topics and more in future posts. In the meantime, feel free to ask questions in the comments section below!

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Capital City Public Relations is an award-winning PR agency with a client list that includes national and regional organizations, many with multiple facilities and offices across the United States. The firm’s clientele has appeared in he Wall Street Journal, on he Today Program, in the Los Angeles Times and across innumerable Colorado media outlets. The firm represents a wide range of industries, including medical, technology, restaurant and law, to name a very few.


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Cathie Beck

Cathie Beck is the founder and president of Capital City Public Relations and an award-winning journalist and published book author with over 25 years of experience.

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