New Mexico Fraud Reporting

Definition of “Insurance Fraud”

NMSA 1998, § 59A-16C-3 definitions, include “insurance fraud”:

B. "insurance fraud" means any act or practice in connection with an insurance transaction that constitutes a crime under the Criminal Code [30-1-1 NMSA 1978] or the Insurance Code [59A-1-1 NMSA 1978]; ...

Mandatory Fraud Reporting Statute(s)

NMSA 1998, § 59A-16C-6 establishes mandatory reporting:

A. Every insurer or licensed insurance professional that has a reasonable belief that an act of insurance fraud will be, is being or has been committed shall furnish and disclose knowledge and information about it to the superintendent and shall cooperate fully with any investigation conducted by the superintendent. Failure to comply with this subsection shall constitute grounds for the superintendent to impose an administrative penalty pursuant to Section 59A-1-18 NMSA 1978 in addition to any applicable suspension, revocation or denial of a license or certificate of authority.

How to Report Fraud

New Mexico Office of the Superintendent of Insurance: 

 New Mexico Office of Superintendent of Insurance Contact Information:

  • Office of Superintendent of Insurance, Insurance Fraud Bureau
    (877) 807-4010
  • Email is Stop
  • Mailing Address:
    Office of Superintendent of Insurance
    Insurance Fraud Bureau
    PO Box 1689
    Santa Fe, NM 87504-1689