Oklahoma Fraud Reporting

Mandatory Fraud Reporting Statute(s)

36 Okl. St.§ 363 (A), mandatory reporting of suspected fraud:

A. Any insurer, employee or agent of any insurer who has reason to believe that a person or entity has engaged in or is engaging in an act or practice that violates any statute or administrative rule of this state related to insurance fraud shall immediately notify the Anti-Fraud Unit of the Insurance Department and, in the case of an allegation of claimant fraud, the Workers' Compensation and Insurance Fraud Unit of the Office of the Attorney General.

21 Okl. St. § 1662. Fraudulent Claim Upon Insurance Contract for Payment of Loss
Any person who presents or causes to be presented any false or fraudulent claim, or any proof in support of any such claim, upon any contract of insurance, for the payment of any loss, or who prepares, makes or subscribes any account, certificate, survey affidavit, proof of loss, or other book, paper or writing, with intent to present or use the same, or to allow it to be presented or used in support of any such claim, shall be guilty of a felony punishable by imprisonment in the State Penitentiary not exceeding three (3) years, or by a fine not exceeding twice the amount of the aggregated loss sum, or both.

How to Report Fraud

See Oklahoma Department of Insurance Anti-Fraud Unit website for fraud reporting portal: