Texas Fraud Reporting

Definition of “Fraudulent Insurance Act”

TX Ins. Code Sec. 701.001 definitions include “fraudulent insurance act”:

(2) "Fraudulent insurance act" means an act that is a violation of a penal law and is:

(A) committed or attempted while engaging in the business of insurance;
(B) committed or attempted as part of or in support of an insurance transaction; or
(C) part of an attempt to defraud an insurer.

Mandatory Fraud Reporting Statute(s)

TX Ins. Code Sec. 701.051 duty to report:

(a) Not later than the 30th day after the date the person makes the determination or reasonably suspects that a fraudulent insurance act has been or is about to be committed in this state, the person:

(1) shall report the information in writing to the insurance fraud unit of the department, in the format prescribed by the fraud unit or by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners; and
(2) may also report the information to another authorized governmental agency.

(b) A report made to the insurance fraud unit constitutes notice to each other authorized governmental agency.

How to Report Fraud

See Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) Fraud Unit website for fraud reporting portal: www.tdi.texas.gov.