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Your Advantage: Chad Harmon is Making Yesterday Jealous

Chad Harmon’s commitment to seeing every day as a new opportunity inspires and elevates.

Chad Harmon remembers quite clearly what he thought when he first attended an Oklahoma Land Title Association (OLTA) conference: “This is an industry I want to be a part of.” As someone committed to continually improving himself and the world around him, Harmon recognized kindred spirits amongst the event’s attendees. His experience launched his career and recently led him to joining Alliant National as AVP, Agency Manager serving Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas.

Many people, when asked, struggle to sum up their personal and professional philosophies. Yet for Harmon, the answer is easy: “My goal is always to ‘make yesterday jealous.’” Harmon first heard this idea long ago from someone in his community, and it has continued to resonate with him throughout his life. “I always interpreted this as seeing every day as filled with new opportunities, and that by recognizing those opportunities, you will be better off than the day before.”

Harmon has long leveraged these principles in his interactions with others. As a self-described “social butterfly,” he notes that he often tries to “make yesterday jealous” by helping others. “It can be as simple as making a person smile in passing. You may have passed this person a million times before and never seen their smile.” Harmon explains that it can also be applied on a larger level. “I stay active in my community by serving and volunteering on several boards. I have helped these organizations expand and grow,” said Harmon. “As an executive officer on these boards, I have helped raise over $100K so far. I do not do these things for the recognition, but to help the organization be more sustainable and provide greater help for the community.”

His mantra has also served him well in his professional life, especially as technology has become more integrated into our day-to-day work. “Technology has made our lives and businesses better and more efficient, but also has caused challenges and errors along the way,” he noted. “We do better when we are working together diligently to resolve issues, while ensuring we still do it in a timely manner.”

Alliant National agents will benefit greatly from Harmon’s worldview as he settles into his new role. From his perspective, trying to “make yesterday jealous” will involve “being as transparent and honest with them as possible.” He will also aspire to “treat my agents as more than just a number or goal, but more like friends and family because ultimately that is who they are to me.” 

Not everything always runs smoothly in the title insurance industry, particularly when complex transactions are in play. However, Alliant National agents will find reliable and trustworthy support by connecting with Chad Harmon, whose ability to leverage each new opportunity will improve their business outcomes day-after-day.

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