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Staff Photo Contest: A Celebration of Irish Proportions

Did you know St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in more places throughout the globe than any other national festival? Show us how you celebrate!

Submit a photo of yourself enjoying a St. Patrick’s Day celebration to for a chance to win a prize.

Photos will be uploaded to a photo album on the Alliant National Facebook page as we receive them, and fans of the page will have a chance to vote for their favorite photo. You can invite your Facebook friends to vote for your favorite entry also.

Original or curated content: Which creates greater impact?

There’s a lot of discussion in social media strategy worlds about how important it is for business owners to produce “original content.”

In public relations and marketing circles, original content still creates more impact than curated content, which comes from reposting others’ posts or sharing links to relevant news articles.

What type of content is more likely to make an impact for your business?

Original content that is helpful, informative or entertaining to your potential audience – be them business associates, prospective customers and even potential talent – allows people to connect and become familiar you.

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